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Pakistani Kush INDICA

The “Pakistani Kush” is a highly resinous and hard hitting pure Indica variety that is very easy to cultivate and provides it’s user with a long list of amazing medicinal benefits. This Pakistani landrace was inbred and stabilized to perfection over the years, now churning out nice and even bumper crops of solid nuggets absolutely frosted in a thick blanket of trichomes that are ripe and ready for harvest in only 7-8 weeks indoors and by the middle to the end of September outdoors, with a few phenotypes finishing a week earlier! Her short and stalky plants are very mold and mildew resistant in outdoor environments, also responding quite well to common mistakes made by newer growers, although indoors she can be a bit tricky as her excessively dense buds can mold rather quickly if the humidity levels are kept towards the lower end. The “Pakistani Kush” is a very fast finishing plant but if you really enjoy the esthetics of a beautifully dark purple colored bud, then I may suggest waiting a week or two as she darkens up more and more as the weeks pass. When smoking this wonderfully pleasant Indica, you can expect a nice and bold flavor palette with an equally as earthy aroma, both coming together perfectly to create the world famous Kushy, hash-like tones that so many long time smokers adore from back in the day. Her pure Indica effects do tend to take a bit of time to come on, but when they do…you can definitely expect that her heavily relaxing and rather narcotic body stone will knock you right on your rear.

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